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Back to School


  1. Introduce a Bedtime Routine – Two to three weeks before the return of school start getting your kiddos back into an earlier bedtime routine. You may consider setting alarms to remind yourself. This means earlier dinners, bath times and sending the kids to bed EARLIER!
  2. Waking Earlier – It’s time to rise and shine! When you start the new bedtime routine, wait a few days for the adjustment period and start waking your child(ren) at the time they will  need to get up for school.
  3. Adjust lunch time – Again, two to three weeks before the start of school begin to adjust the time for lunch. While some kids eat earlier, they may have to wait until later.
  4. Create a Command Center – The paperwork is about to roll in! Be prepared with all the forms you are about to fill out by creating a Command Center. Make sure children know where paperwork from the book bags go so that you can fill out and return in a timely manner. The Command Center is also where important telephone numbers and the family calendar can be. In addition, it’s time to create a Homework Command Center. Whether it’s at the dining room table or a specific desk, let your child know where they will be expected to do their homework.
  5. Prepare for School Supplies – Now is the time to begin searching for the best Back to School deals. If you have no idea what’s on the list begin with purchasing typical items. Call the school or search on the school website for a school supply list.
  6. Back to School Clothing – Go over your children’s clothing now. Look for pieces that will take them into the fall and winter months. If there’s not a lot to choose from head to your local garage sale on the weekends to save yourself some money.
  7. Complete Forms – at the beginning of every school year we are asked for an updated form from the doctor’s office. Get this form to your pediatrician now so they aren’t flooded with hundreds of other students forms. This will save a little of your sanity!
  8. Menu Plan – Once the kids are back to school things tend to get a little crazy. Consider Freezer Cooking and most definitely do some Menu Planning. Head to the Command Center and check the family calendar and plan your meals according to nights you are home or nights the family will need to eat at different times throughout the evening.
  9. Morning Routines – a week before school starts plan out your morning routines. This should be on a piece of paper for those first few weeks. Jot down what time each family member needs to wake, eat, shower and head out the door. If you have multiple kids heading out the door at the same time make note what time who should be in the bathroom at what time. This way everyone knows when it’s their time to be in the bathroom!
  10. Finalized Your Transportation Service– if you are apart of a transportation service be sure to make final adjustments and what’s to be expected from your children and the driver! Make everything clear such as what time, will your child walk to the transportation srvice or be picked up and when your Command Center will advise you when it’s your turn to drive!

If you have little kids who may be a little skeptical about heading back to school consider making a countdown sheet with them, reading books about school and even playing school!