Vision and Message

Manaret El Eman Vision and Message

KGs Vision and Message

The Vision

Raising an effective child who uses his creative abilities to express himself and his society.

The Message

-Education through means of entertainment & advanced technology.

- Gaining confidence through the interdependence between the teacher and the learner.

- Developing and expanding the horizon of the learners through variety of sports and music activities which are available throughout the year.

- Training the school members to follow up with all latest and advanced means of education. 

- Preparing the learner to be able to keep up with the society and to influence it through effective community participation.


Primary Vision and Message

The Vision

Equipping the students with morals and the ability to create within the framework of quality.

The Message

- Providing the students with knowledge, skills and the ability to compete along with providing them with excellent behaviour and maintaining religious and spiritual values.

- Using progressive educational methods through modern technology and active learning methods.

- Selecting academically as well as technologically qualified teachers and providing them with ongoing career development.

- Activating the role of social cooperation and serving the surrounding environment.    


Preparatory Vision and Message

The Vision

Developing and reforming the learner’s mentality in order to be able to lead and cope with the age requirements under the leadership of qualified educational calibers .

The Message

- Providing an educational and psychological atmosphere that enables the teacher to embrace the adolescent learner.

- Encouraging the students to follow morals and ethics by setting a good example and following the example of Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him.

- Making the best use of the school facilities to create an innovative mentality .

- Making the teachers and supervisors constantly aware of how critical the stage of adolescence is and how important it is in building the learner’s personality to reach the highest levels of psychological health.

- Regular self evaluation by supervisors , teachers and learners to measure their self satisfaction .